Jessica Spalding

Jessica Spalding CEO 

Jess Spalding has been active in Residential Real Estate Development since 2007. Just in time to cut her teeth during the Real Estate Recession and quickly learn not only to survive but how to thrive in a down market. Jess believes in risk mitigation strategies that involve lean principles, conservative approaches and having a thorough understanding of every step and task that goes into a successful project. Jess made it a goal in her career to deep dive into literally every aspect of Residential Real Estate to gain insight into all potential areas of risks and or opportunities for improvement. She brings to the team experience in all aspects of this industry including planning and zoning, entitlement processes, civil and architecture coordination, pro forma and finance structure, construction management and general contracting and also internally asset and property managing over 1000 doors. Having a deeper understanding of each necessary aspect that creates a performing residential asset allows Jess to help navigate the team by pinning down unknowns, overcoming issues and bringing experienced service providers to the table to create high performing assets. Currently Jess has in progress or completed over $300MM in projects spanning several municipalities and states. Jess has experience navigating the various obstacles and unique challenges each market brings when creating a development from concept stage all the way through to a stabilized and performing asset. Jess believes in a product first approach while focusing on the end-user experience when developing a sustainable community for years to come. 

She is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City with dual bachelor’s degrees of Science in Psychology and English. Recipient of the Ingram’s 40 under 40 Class of 2016.