Josh Coleman

Josh Coleman Director of Strategic Partnerships
Josh Coleman SVP-Director of Operations

As SVP-Director of Operations for ELUX Capital, Josh understands the importance of responsiveness and timeliness in working with capital groups in the real estate industry.

Prior to joining ELUX Capital, Josh was involved with several tech and entrepreneurial startups, working to establish and grow their presence by driving online performance and brand awareness, while also building key partnerships and strategic relationships offline. He has consequently helped generate over $5M in sales with those efforts. In over 10 years, the clients Josh has worked with have raised over $250M in capital. His overall focus has been on the development of digital strategy, communication, and lasting relationships. His efforts over the past couple of years has contributed to over 2M raised in real estate capital. Being positioned in NYC over the last 8 years has given Josh access to a multitude of capital sources including family offices, banking institutions, and other capital groups.